Your life is evolving? Expand!

Whether you want to accommodate a loved one or simply add income to your property, consider adding an accessory housing unit to your building.

Soft densification: a solution for almost everything

Adding housing units to an existing property is a smart solution to climate challenges and housing shortages. Our extensions and ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) are "ready-to-build" units designed to integrate with the urban planning constraints of most municipalities. Different options are available depending on your property. To learn about your options, let us advise you for free.

Prefab and unique

Para-Units take advantage of prefabrication to significantly reduce construction time and on-site waste. This hybrid construction method also allows for a higher level of quality and better cost predictability.

Eco-friendly from wall to wall

Our goal is to build with a reduced environmental footprint and a long-term negative carbon balance. By default, our wall and roof compositions are inspired by the Passive House standard. The materials chosen are largely sourced from renewable local resources.